Our experienced installers will take care of your project form start to finish. All of our installers have been extensively trained and regularly updated in current CSA, Ministry of Labour & O.H.S.A. codes & guidelines and are fully bonded and insured to install any type of fall arrest safety system on any type of structure. 


Our Engineering Department specializes in designing custom layouts for maximum building coverage using the least amount of anchors possible. During our design process we assess building’s configuration, structural makeup, rooftop machinery, and window placements while taking into consideration the building owner’s budgetary requirements. Whether a structure requires permanent anchors, wall anchors, davit arm system or a horizontal lifeline system, let our experts design the perfect system to make your building fully compliant.

With each supply and installation of roof anchors we provide an Engineering Package at no additional cost, therefore eliminating hiring costly consultants.Our package consists of the following:- Engineered Roof Anchor Layout (24"x36" and 11"x17" prints)- Laminated Print (for posting at roof top entrance)- Inspection Log Book.

        Inspections and Testing 

All roof anchor systems are to be visually inspected once within every twelve (12) month period and a Load/pull test is to be performed every 5 years from the date of installation.

During a visual inspection the following items are required thorough review As per CSA Z91-02:

“The inspection shall include, but not be limited to,

  • (a) a review of the design drawings to ensure compliance with current regulations, standards, and engineering standards,
  • (b) an assessment of the system to ensure compliance with engineered drawings;
  • (c) an inspection of all exposed, visible, and accessible components of the system for signs of distress; and
  • (d) an inspection of all adhesive and expansion fasteners.”

During a Load/Pull test the following items are required per CSA Z91-02:

  • all roof anchors are to be load tested by a professional engineer prior to first use.
  • As well, all anchors that have been fastened by adhesive chemicals must be re-tested every five (5) years or sooner.
  • A record of this testing is to be kept onsite where the anchoring system is located in either the initial installation log book, or the annual anchor inspection log book.

NRA follows every project by performing our own visual inspection and anchor load testing. Our certified inspectors will provide a complete service, with thorough inspection, written report and Engineer certified letter of use. Our inspections follow all applicable CSA, OHSA, and MOL requirements are to be recorded and available on site for all workers to review before performing any work/visit to roof top areas. 

NRA Services

        Custom Fabrication

Manufactured in Canada from high grade materials and produced with rigorous quality control. Our array of stainless steel products enables 360 degree usage capability. The types of metals used for our anchoring systems are hot dipped galvanized steel, stainless steel and T6061 grade aluminum. All of our manufactures and welders are CWB certified. Safety is always at the forefront of each design along with durability, reliability and innovation. Modern day construction calls for different safety measures and reach capabilities. Our team can custom design and manufacture anchoring systems to fit the evolving design industry. Each of our products come with a 5-year warranty on all parts and labour.