What is a pull test?

A pull test is a near-to-surface method that includes a pull being performed on all anchors, of a load half of the total force without deformation. 

When is a pull test needed?
The OSHA and  Ministry of Labour requires a pull test to be performed every 5 years after the date of installation. The load test must be witnessed and certified by a registered Professional Engineer (P.E.)

What does a Pull Test Consist of?
Anchors are to be designed to resist a total of force of 22.2 kN in any direction. A test is to be performed of a load of 11.1 kN without deformation. After successful completion we will issue a new certificate of use and certification of each anchor which has passed the required load testing. 

What is a visual test?
A visual test is a inspection done by a professional, that requires them to see if there are any damages anchors in sight. 

When is a visual test needed?

The OSHA and The Ministry of Labour requires that all building owners who currently have fall arrest roof anchors must have them inspected, certified and maintained each year to ensure a safe workplace for any worker who uses the anchors to access work areas. This test must be performed whether the anchors have been in use or not. 

What does a Visual Inspection Consist of?

Our experienced inspectors will inspect every anchor for signs of deterioration, rust, misuse, faulty caulking and to make sure your system remain in compliance over the years.



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