Roof Anchor Series #100

Roof anchor with 1" dia. anchor loop (stainless steel) enables 360 degrees usage capability without moving parts. Custom seamless spun aluminum flashing and cap ensures a watertight roofing seal. Our custom engineering solutions accommodate all building systems, new and existing. Used for lifeline tie back and outrigger primary line securing. 

Wall Anchor Series #200

Wall Anchor for new or existing construction, versatile to accommodate all building methods. Designed for superior strength while providing a more cost effective anchoring solution with no need for re-roofing.

Patio Anchor Series #400

Balcony / Patio / Terrace Anchor which provides a flush surface finish. It can be easily concealed by any selected floor finishing material. This anchor provides the necessary safety solution without having any protrusions within populated areas.

Davit Arm System (DAS)

DAS are used to raise, lower and suspend personnel performing routine maintenance duties. The base is a permanent fixture to the building structure and the arm is portable with the ability to be removed. Each assembly part is hot dipped galvanized or manufactured in stainless steel or structural grade aluminum for maximum durability. This system is used in addition to roof and wall safety/tie-back anchors and provides a suspension point that will clear architectural features. DAS eliminates damages to glass, finished parapets, sloped glazing and decorative railings.

Static Line Assembly (SLA)

SLA offers workers with dual protection. Workers are restrained from reaching a point where potential fall hazards exist. Secondly, provides protection in the event of a fall. This system is ideal for roof top maintenance where continuity of movement is required.

Seamless Spun Aluminum Flashing

NRA exclusively  offers our custom designed and patented flashing system for our roof anchors. Our system will outlive any rubber boot or tar membrane system while also providing a more attractive solution. NRA Flashing allows for a long lasting watertight seal made of 100% light weight aluminum for maximum durability.





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